Eco Line Furniture

We at Kohburg are happy to introduce to you our latest development, our new Eco-line furniture that we shall be officially launching in July. Our Eco Line will serve as an alternative to our Signature line, providing quality furniture at minimal cost without compromising our established quality standards. We understand in this economy, that it is quite difficult to secure the funding you need to buy the furniture you love…which is exactly why we decided to create an Eco Line, to provide our unique designs at more affordable costs.

When developing the Eco Line, Our goal has always been the 3 E's: Eco-friendly, Economical & Ergonomic. Not only will the Eco Line satisfy the "green" standards our company stands by, it is well-designed to look classy and feel comfortable too.

The Eco line furniture is designed to be more compact, for those with limited space within their homes and/or classrooms. Although we pride ourselves in our Signature line, we here at Kohburg, wanted to create something accessible to everyone, from large classrooms to smaller homes, we aim to cater to all your needs. Thank you.