Furniture Features

Filosá™ Constructive System

Moving heavy furniture in the classroom can cause unnecessary headaches and possible injuries for teachers. Kohburg's exclusive Filosá™ Constructive System turns rearranging classrooms from a chore to joy!
All mobile units include heavy duty caster wheels for easy mobility. With Filosá™, teachers can flip up the bottom skirt for easy movement and flip it down to "park" the unit. Moving furniture has never been easier.

A-Caster Features: 2" polyurethane wheel holds up to 88 lbs. and silences rolling noise. Each bracket consists of stainless steel with a zinc coating that is rust and chemical resistant.
B-Caster Features: 3" polyurethane wheel holds up to 155 lbs. and silences rolling noise. Each bracket consists of stainless steel with a zinc coating that is rust and chemical resistant.
Under our Filosá™ Constructive System, all shelf supports are made of non-toxic ABS and have pre-embossed numbers on each level to make shelf placement quick and easy. Each support structure is rounded to prevent shelves from sliding out.

Filosá's™ legging system makes table leg assembly and replacement quick, easy and hassle free! Leg assembly and adjustment is just a few twists away.

All Kohburg table legs are made of solid Beech wood to enhance durability and strength. All leg ends have rubber gliders to prevent floor scratching and can handle uneven surfaces.

Other Exclusive Features


A Kohburg exclusive, TerFusá™ edgebanding offers a stronger and more durable edging to withstand the everyday wear and tear in the classroom. Unlike traditional T-Molding, TerFusá™ edgebanding won't split or show gapped edges after a few months' use. TerFusá™ utilizes thermo-fused edgebanding technology to minimize edge gaps, eliminating dirt and germs while creating a healthier learning environment.


All Kohburg products are laminated with our exclusive Lamicá™ finish. Lamicá's™ Level-7 Anti-UV rating protects our furniture surfaces from UV damage and is chemical and water resistant, making our furniture easy-to-clean. A natural Beech wood appearance is our finishing touch, giving your classroom an elegant and distinctive look.

Kid Guard Round Corners and Edges

Safety is top priority at Kohburg. All Kohburg products have fully rounded corners and edges for a clean finished look but most importantly to protect kids!

Kid Guard Piano Hinges

Kohburg utilizes full length piano hinges on all locker doors to minimize the chance of pinching kids' fingers.

Easy Twist Locks

Keep kids' materials and belongings safe and sound. All of Kohburg's lockers feature Easy Twist Locks that are made of high quality stainless steel coated in zinc.

Dowel Pinning

Dowel pinning assembly is used by all Kohburg items to ensure strength, durability and structural integrity over time. It also makes shelf installation easier than ever.

Kick Plates

Kohburg's Kick Plates will prevent small objects and toys from getting lost underneath shelves and storage units. The Kick Plates are multi-functional adding further support and stability.

15" Depths

Our 15" shelf depths provide that extra storage space and shelf stability you covet in the classroom!

¾" Thickness

All shelf units use ¾" thick panels for extra durability.

Stacking Chairs

All Kohburg chairs are made stackable to save storage space in the classroom.